Project Profile: 1 Denison Street


North Sydney, NSW

Developer: Winten Property Group

Architect: Bates Smart Architect

Product: DecoPanel Flat Sheet Cladding

Colour: DecoWood® Brush Box

Showcasing the elegance and durability of DecoPanel flat sheet cladding is Nine Entertainment's 1.4-billion-dollar office building which features a timeless design that distinguishes itself from the other commercial buildings that surround it.

The DecoPanel flat sheets have been strategically wrapped around the lower half of the building's façade bringing a warmth and sophistication to North Sydney's bustling streets. The use of the 2mm aluminium panelling also meant that the panels could manage the slight curves required in the design without any pre-machined bending.

When discussing the features that were of the highest importance, architects had to take location into account knowing that the building's façade would be exposed to some of the harshest conditions such as direct sunlight, ocean air and exhaust fumes. DECO provided the perfect solution with their DecoPanel flat sheet cladding finished in a custom DecoWood finish that has now been added as a staple to the DecoWood Colour Series. Providing a natural timber-look appearance that is not only non-combustible and fire-safe but also includes the benefits of low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing and more than adequate protection against the harsh environmental conditions that the building will be exposed to.

As well as meeting key safety requirements, DecoPanel is made from 100% recyclable aluminium and the DecoWood finish does not involve using harmful VOC's, an important element for the building's Premium Grade, 5 Star Green Rating.

1 Denison Street is now complete and will be home for major brands such as Nine Entertainment Co, Microsoft and oOh!media.

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