Project Profile: Design Duo | Alisa & Lysandra


Somerton Park, SA

Garage Door: DecoBatten® 50 x 25mm NEW PROFILE finished inDecoWood® Curly Birch
Fencing & Screening: DecoBatten® 40 x 40mm one-piece batten
Finish: DecoWood® Curly Birch (front fence), DecoWood® Antique White (Alysa) and DecoCoat® Matt Black (Lysandra)

In 2013, Alisa and Lysandra captivated Australian audiences with their exceptional design skills, winning the hearts of viewers and emerging as winners of the popular reno show "The Block". Since then, the pair have been putting their design skills to work across an array of projects.

Their latest venture, the Design Duo have created a 6-part "twin-off" series, documenting the build of the twin's own homes — a luxury architecturally-designed duplex in Adelaide's seaside suburb of Somerton Park.

When it came to the duplex's exterior, Alisa and Lysandra wanted to compliment the rendered and limestone façade with a timber aesthetic, but it HAD to be low maintenance. DECO's brand new QuickClick™ DecoBatten® 50x25mm cover was selected to clad the two garage doors. Lightweight and easy to install, the aluminium battens were a simple decision to achieve the look they wanted.

Finished in Super Durable™ DecoWood® Curly Birch to provide the natural look and beauty of real timber, the pair were delighted with the result.

The DecoBatten® 40x40mm batten in DecoWood® Curly Birch was also used for the front fences, and works seamlessly with the garage doors and overall design.

The new build was also an opportunity for the twins to showcase their unique styles and to add a healthy dose of competition to make the series - and the build - a tad more fun. Alisa's light and bright style has been put against Lysandra's moody dark palette, creating two very different spaces.

Looking for low maintenance and longevity, the pair also selected DecoBatten® 40x40mm aluminium battens to create some contemporary looks for their outdoor living spaces.

Alisa used DecoWood® Antique White to create a fence and screen in her pool area. Using a narrow 10mm gap between each batten, Alisa created a stylish contemporary feature to her already luxe pool area.

In contrast, Lysandra chose a contemporary DecoCoat® Matt Black for her battens, creating a stylish and sophisticated feature wall in her outdoor living area and across her poolside pergola.

Alisa and Lysandra said "DecoWood has completely transformed our outdoor living spaces, including our exterior fences and outdoor alfresco areas. DecoWood's ability to emulate the warmth and texture of real wood, while maintaining the durability of aluminium, is truly impressive. It's not just a finish; it's a game-changer that has elevated the aesthetics of our home. DecoWood has become an integral part of our design choices, and we couldn't be happier with the results."

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