Project Profile: Eastland Shopping Centre


Ringwood, VIC

Architect: Peddle Thorp Architects

Builder: Maben

Installer: LouvreClad & ExcelClad

Product: DecoPanel Folded Flat Sheet

Colour: DecoWood Casuarina

Accessible from all areas of Melbourne and beyond, Eastland Shopping Centre is located in Ringwood, Victoria. The recent $665m transformation is helping to invigorate the area and has revitalised the region. DecoPanel folded flat sheet fins clad the exterior of the building on the Maroondah Highway, bringing the architects vision to life.

The custom 550mm x 45mm large scale DecoPanel timber look fins soften the building, which is predominantly white. This feature adds warmth and textural beauty through the use of the DecoWood® Casuarina finish. A custom, completely concealed fixed system was designed specifically for this application, proving versality while maintaining the design vision.

Functionality was a key criteria for the architect and client. Given the height of the building, accessibility over time will be limited therefore a material that requires minimal maintenance and no staining was a huge advantage. DecoPanels Super Durable powder coating ensures the highest quality and UV protection. DecoPanel folded flat sheet fins are lightweight and completely non-combustible.

DecoPanel folded flat sheet fins in the DecoWood® Casuarina finish was the ideal product for this iconic building.

Eastland Shopping Centre
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