Project Profile: El Jannah


Prestons, NSW

Builder: LQ Building
Product: DecoBatten® QuickClick® 200 x 50mm, DecoClad® V-Groove and DecoPanel flat sheet
Finish: DecoWood® Coastal Spotted gum

Australian family-owned fast food restaurant chain, El Jannah has created a reputation for their Lebanese style charcoal chicken. With 30 restaurants around the country, the brand is investing in high quality materials and finishes for their store designs.

At their recently opened Prestons location, the brand has elevated the exterior through a mix of DECO products. Using DecoPanel, DecoClad®, and DecoBatten® these architectural elements not only provide visual appeal but also ensure durability and low maintenance, catering to the demanding requirements of modern restaurants.

In the main entrance space DecoPanel finished in DecoWood® Coastal Spotted Gum is utilised as a durable wall lining to create a warm welcoming tone. Its natural timber-look appearance complements the architectural elements and branding, creating a striking contrast against the darker cladding used across the façade. Crafted to be non-combustible and fire safe, DecoPanel offers more than just aesthetics. Its low-maintenance attributes and robust protection against day-to-day elements ensure longevity and visual appeal throughout the building's lifespan.

In the drive-through area, DecoClad® V-Groove steps in to exude a sophisticated style. Chosen for its sleek and low-maintenance qualities, DecoClad® effortlessly mimics the feel of timber without the associated upkeep thanks to the Super Durable™ DecoWood® finish. Its lightweight aluminium profile not only ensures swift installation but also aligns perfectly with the brand's overall ambiance.

To provide shade and enhance design aesthetics in the drive-through zone, DecoBatten® 50 x 200mm two-piece battens emerged as the ideal solution. Serving as overhead screening, it adds a touch of elegance while offering practical benefits of cover against sunlight and rain. The sleek design not only contributes to the architectural design but also delivers functional advantages, making the drive-through experience comfortable and visually pleasing.

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