Project Profile: Hunter & Gatherer


Epping, Victoria

Project Brief: To create a space that would feel natural to complement the idea of a fresh food precinct.

Builder: Fabrication and Installation by MetalART Industries

Product: MetalART Industries 140x40mm RHS Battens

Colour: DecoWood Natural Casuarina

The client wanted the natural look and feel of timber to complement the theme and purpose of this fresh food market, but wood was an impractical choice. As the building facade faces direct, all day sun, fading would have quickly deteriorated the building's appeal. Additionally, the regular maintenance requirements would have added significant costs for the centre management.

Large aluminium battens coated with the DecoWood finish were found to be an ideal alternative to timber for the facade. The finish was indistinguishable from real timber, and the Super Durable finish gave the client confidence that its natural beauty would endure for many years. The centre management were also happy to discover that DecoWood is virtually maintenance-free.

The DecoWood finish was also used on the aluminium windows and doors throughout the centre, as well as an internal architectural feature. Immense DecoWood aluminium "boomerangs" were suspended from the ceiling inside. The feature created a sense of drama while tying in aesthetically with the rest of the building.

The "boomerangs" would have been impossible to achieve with timber. First, the cost of such massive pieces of timber would be prohibitive. Also, the weight would be too heavy to hang from the ceiling.

Hunter & Gatherer - DecoWood Battens
Hunter & Gatherer - DecoWood Custom Boomerangs
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