Project Profile: Leppington Village


Architect: Clarke Hopkins Clarke
Product: DecoBatten® 50 x 50mm and 100 x 50mm
Installer: Durnco Group
Finish: DecoWood® Smoked Ash, DecoWood® Curly Birch & DecoCoat Surfmist

In August 2023, Leppington Village unveiled a new shopping experience as part of the ongoing development of the thriving Western Sydney Aerotropolis region.

Among the many design elements contributing to the welcoming and visually pleasing atmosphere of the new retail centre, DecoBatten® aluminium battens are used throughout as a key design element. Architects, Clarke Hopkins Clarke made a clever decision by incorporating DecoBatten® into their design scheme to give a mixture of natural woodgrain features to enhance the modern and sophisticated design elements across the ceilings and walls .

One particularly impressive application of DecoBatten® 50x50mm battens on the soffit lining, which elegantly frames the entrance from the outdoor dining area. This deliberate choice adds a warm and inviting ambiance from all entry points, improving the overall feel as visitors enter and exit.

DecoBatten’s appeal extends beyond aesthetics, as it is also recognised for its low-maintenance qualities, making it an ideal choice for a bustling retail environment. In spaces where cleanliness and tidiness are crucial, selecting materials that are durable and require minimal upkeep is both practical and sensible.

Safety remains a top priority in public spaces, and DecoBatten® meets stringent safety standards with its non-combustible nature, tested to AS3837 guidelines.

DECO’s NSW State Sales Manager, Stuart Jones comments that the detailed planning involved in crafting the soffit lining, along with the diverse finishes selected, highlights the extensive range of applications and versatility of DecoBatten®. “Durnco Group's impeccable installation of the battens on the soffit lining resulted in a remarkably clean and smooth presentation."

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