Project Profile: Mulgrave Private Hospital


Mulgrave, VIC

Architects: HSPC Health Architects

Builder: Adco Construction

Installer: Dekk Solutions

Product: DecoBatten 1-piece 150x50mm

Colour: DecoWood Casuarina, Western Red Cedar, Australian Cedar

The newly renovated Mulgrave Private Hospital is an acute medical and surgical hospital, committed to providing high quality medical and surgical services.

DecoWood® Casuarina, Western Red Cedar and Australian Cedar were selected due to their warm, earthy appearance and installed in a staggered layout to create a natural aesthetic.

The use of not one but three Decowood finishes gives an added textural and visual element which enhances the illusion of actual timber. DecoBattens can span large distances creating a screen to conceal the multi-level carpark. The same 1-piece 150x 50 battens are also used to clad concrete buildings on this site, adding warmth to otherwise plain walls.

The use of non-combustible materials if a far safer option for hospital environments which is another reason why this product was selected. Deco provides high quality, tested, safe products which have enhanced the overall appearance of this hospital.

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