Case Study: Tai Kwun Arts Precinct, Hong Kong


Project Brief: A modern architectural façade for a new, complementary building the renovated Old Hong Kong Central Police Station

Industry: Architectural

Organisations: Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

Finish: Duplex coating, Nucotec™ bespoke combination of anodising and e-coating

When the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust wished to transform the old Hong Kong CPS into a brand-new arts precinct, they aimed to create a new building clad in large aluminium blocks, giving off a contemporary air while still reflecting the stone block construction of the original building. They created low pressure cast aluminium blocks measuring 1200x300x300 mm and weighing 50kg each, and needed to finish each block so it gave off the appearance of a stainless steel casting. The DECO Industrial team were tasked with anodising these parts in a way that rendered them corrosion resistant, while maintaining the desired aesthetic - a task 60 companies had already passed up as being too difficult. The team realised quickly that regular anodising would not fit the design brief, and so they developed a bespoke Duplex coating to get the job done - Nucotec™.
This highly specialised coating was a combination of extra hard anodising and controlled e-coating deposition, impregnated with stainless steel flakes, and was produced in a new plant specifically constructed for the purpose. The Nucotec™ technology proved a huge success, and the newly-christened Tai Kwun Arts Precinct in Hong Kong see their new, modern façade as a landmark project.

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