Project Profile: Toyota Material Handling Australia


Dandenong, VIC

Builder: Total Cladding
Product: DecoClad Shadowline cladding
Colour: DecoWood® Coastal Spotted Gum

Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA), a leading forklift retailer, has embarked on a significant expansion of its operations in Victoria, signalling a new era of growth and innovation. As part of this expansion, TMHA required a state-of-the-art facility that would meet the diverse needs of the business, while also providing an authentic and appealing aesthetic for its customers.

A feature of the new building was the timber-look soffit across the entryway and staircase. However, the challenge of the ceiling's height for installation as well as the long-term maintenance was a key factor in selecting DecoClad® 200mm Shadowline cladding, finished in DecoWood® Coastal Spotted Gum for the building's large soffit area. DecoClad® is a highly regarded cladding system within the architecture and building industries thanks to its ability to provide the look of natural timber without the ongoing maintenance requirements.

The lightweight nature of the aluminium cladding system also played a crucial role in TMHA's decision to select DecoClad®. Its ease of installation significantly reduced installation time and costs, making the project more efficient and effective for the stakeholders.

Despite encountering various difficulties, including the utilisation of scissor lifts and working in tight and uncomfortable areas due to the ceiling's height, the team managed to complete the installation process of over 500sqm of cladding within ten days with a team of just five installers.. DecoClad® is considerably lighter and easier to handle than other traditional cladding materials and the pre-punched holes and innovative tongue and groove design facilitated easy fixing to the framework.

In addition to its natural woodgrain appearance and low maintenance features, the Super Durable™ DecoWood® marine grade powder coating offered extra durability, providing protection against the elements and harsh conditions that are typical within the material handling industry.

The product's authentic timber appearance, low maintenance features, lightweight design and exceptional durability made it the perfect solution for TMHA's Material Handling project, enabling the company to create a state-of-the-art facility that would meet its operational needs while also providing an appealing aesthetic for its customers.

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