Project Profile: Woolworths Heidelberg


Heidelberg, Victoria

Architect: ArchitectureHQ

Product: DecoBatten® 50 x 150mm & DecoClad®

Colour: DecoWood® Natural Teak

Woolworths Heidelberg has recently opened a new age sustainable supermarket located in Melbourne's northern suburb of Heidelberg. This development has received a 5 Star Green Star Design and As Built rating. Both DecoClad® and DecoBatten® range were used on the façade to gain a fresh and contemporary finish which endorses the longevity and environmentally friendly message for Woolworths commitment towards low carbon design.

The main concept for this design centres on the positive impact towards sustainability and the use of appropriate materials to minimise the urban heat island effect from the external surfaces of the building. The DecoClad® aluminium cladding profiles were used on the soffits which offers the natural appearance of timber, while providing a sustainable cladding option that would not require staining, oiling or the use of VOCs. As aluminium disperses heat evenly, DecoClad® also provided a more energy efficient option than natural timber.

DecoBatten™'s QuickClick battens also offered a light-weight option that allowed for a quick and easy installation process with no visible fixings.

The 'Teak' DecoWood® finished battens are featured along the exterior, creating a soft, elegant and approachable presence. The DecoWood® option was favoured over timber due to the need for lower maintenance requirements and durability in a wide range of weather events.

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