Protective Coatings


DECO offer a wide range of protective coatings and surface treatments, including anodising and hard anodising, powder coating and specialty finishes. Find out more about our protective coating capabilities and how we can help with your next project in our new video.

Anodising is an electrolytic surface treatment process that creates a durable protective coating for a wide range of products such as engineering parts, architectural fittings, appliances such as fridges, pans and more.

For extra longevity and durability, hard anodising or hard coat anodising is a tough and thick coat finish ideal for aluminium applications where high wear resistance is required.

Powder coating is a versatile and durable finish electrostatically applied to your aluminium and steel products to create a tough and even coat.

A special type of powder coating, thermoplastic coating involves the application of a medium-density plastic layer onto the surface of the metal as a decorative or protective coating for steel and other metal parts. Thermoplastic coatings do not set when heated, and can therefore be repaired in heat.

Ceramic coatings are tough, attractive, lubricious and highly versatile thin-film coatings that are highly resistant to wear and damage from external factors. DECO is an accredited Cerakote applicator.

The unique synthetic chemistry of Teflon or PTFE coatings makes them resistant to adhesion from hot, cold, wet and dry materials. Teflon is a popular cookware coating with many other applications.

An effective pre-treatment undercoat or an attractive finish on its own, zinc coating forms a galvanised barrier to protect metal components from corrosion and deterioration.

Wet blasting, or vapour honing, is an effective pre-treatment in which a slurry of air and abrasives strips contaminants from a metal component. It is also an attractive, smooth finish on its own.

Abrasive blasting propels a mixture of air and abrasives onto metal components to remove surface contaminants, making it an effective pre-treatment prior to powder coating or an attractive, rough surface finish on its own.

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