Abrasive Blasting Applications


Abrasive blasting functions both as a pre-treatment and as a surface finish on its own. It functions as a cleaning method, corrosion protection function, and a means of stripping paint or irregularities from the surface of a metal to allow mechanical processes to run more smoothly. Because of its versatility, dry blasting can be effective in a large variety of applications.

Pre-treatment Applications

Abrasive blasting is an effective way of removing rust and other particles from metal components to prepare them for other protective coatings. Abrasive blasting increases a component's corrosion resistance before it is coated, giving it an extended lifespan, and is often used to mechanically treat a product before powder coating or e-coating is applied.

Machinery Applications

Abrasive blasting is particularly effective on small metal parts of a machine, which may contain irregularities that need removing before parts can be assembled. The abrasive blasting process efficiently removes irregularities from the surface of the metal, smoothing it for a more effective fit. Dry blasting is also commonly used to remove a buildup of rust from machinery parts.

Automotive Applications

Abrasive blasting can be used to remove paint from automotive body parts before respraying. It can also strip grime, rust or grease off engine parts and chassis components for both cars and motorbikes.

Household Applications

As a mechanical cleaning process, dry blasting can be used on smaller household tools or cookware, which acquire rust and grease over time.

Signage Applications

In its role as a decorative finish, abrasive blasting can create attractive, shiny and sparkling finishes for metal signs or plaques, including memorial plaques and business logos

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