Abrasive Blasting Finishes


Abrasive blasting does not change the colour of your metal product, although it may appear lighter due to the light scattering of particles causing microscopic indentations on the roughened surface. Due to the nature of the process, as a method involving removing the top layer of the metal product, it is not possible to change the colour of your abrasive blasted parts (although parts can be coloured afterwards using different methods). 

However, abrasive blasting can produce a wide range of surface textures ranging from rough/matt finishes to smooth/glossy finishes. View our gallery below for examples of different surface textures that can be produced from abrasive blasting.

Dry Abrasive Blasting Surface Texture Gallery

The surface texture of your final product depends on the size of the abrasive particles used during the blasting procedure. As shown in the gallery below, a rougher surface texture can be achieved using larger, harder beads, while smaller, softer abrasives create a smoother peening appearance. 


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