Anodising Applications

DecoUltra AD can be used in a wide range of applications, including manufacturing, defence, commercial cookware and more. To discuss your project requirements, contact us.

Engineering and Machinery Applications

Because of its ability to increase corrosion and wear resistance on metal components, anodising is a great solution to increase the lifespan of engineering parts such as gears, shafts and brackets. Anodised engineering parts are durable in harsh conditions and give engineering parts electrical insulation.

Machinery and equipment parts such as plates and panels can also benefit from the increased corrosion protection and improved cosmetic appearance anodising can give.

Bodies and Cases

The corrosion protection and improved cosmetic appearance anodising lends to products makes it an effective solution for exterior bodywork and casing such as computer equipment cases and aircraft equipment parts. This also gives them increased durability and protection against the elements.

Food Processing and Cookware

Anodising is non-toxic and approved for food contact applications. This makes it a durable, non-scratch coating option for pans, grills, coolers, display cases and other food processing equipment. (An alternative to this is our Teflon non-stick coating, also suitable for cookware applications).

Defence Applications

Anodising is a popular finish in the defence industry due to its longevity, corrosion and wear resistance. These features make it ideal for hardwearing weapon parts and for use in crucial machinery to reduce down time.

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