Case Study: Archival Survival Microspatulas


Project Brief: Non-stick coating for stainless steel spatulas used for specialist conservation work

Industry: Archival and Preservation

Organisation: Archival Survival

Finish: Teflon (PTFE)

Archival Survival have been supplying high quality archival storage products to protect heritage, art and personal collections throughout Australia for over 16 years. Their products include archival boxes, enclosures, cleaning and conservation materials and other items designed to help collectors and collection managers protect valuable documents, photographic material, objects, textiles and other memorabilia.

One popular archival product provided by Archival Survival is their Teflon Coated Microspatula, a 230 mm device used for specialist conservation work including removal of photographs from sticky peel-back albums, removal of labels and applying adhesives. While these were initially imported from the US, when the original line was discontinued, Archival Survival sought to create their own Teflon-coated microspatulas and continue to provide their customers with this popular and versatile tool.

Having sourced new stainless steel spatulas, Archival Survival sought a non-stick coating to be applied to these to prevent a build-up of sticky substances such as glue or label adhesives on the surface of the spatula.

DECO Australia provided the solution with their quality non-stick PTFE Teflon coating. Designed to prevent adhesive substances from building up on the surface of parts, the Teflon coating used provided a sleek, friction-free surface ideal for its intended use. DECO's fast lead times, careful application and dedication to quality provided Archival Survival with attractive and functional finished spatulas ready for work on treasured collections.

To find out more about Archival Survival's Teflon Coated Microspatulas, click here.

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