Case Study: Go Fast Bits Turbocharger Valves


Project brief: Durable hard anodised finish for hardwearing turbocharger valves

Industry: Automotive Aftermarket

Organisation: Accurate Repetition Engineering for Go Fast Bits

Finish: DecoUltra ZD hard anodising

Accurate Repetition have been designing and machining quality metal components since 1990. When they began designing and manufacturing aftermarket automotive parts in the late 1990s, they sought a durable finish that would protect the components from wear, without compromising their functionality.

DECO provided a durable hard anodised finish on their patented adjustable bias turbocharger venting system, that strengthened the aluminium components, protecting the raw aluminium underneath from excessive wear usually associated with other valves of this type. The finish, which exceeds 30 microns and forms a tough aluminium oxide coating on the surface of the moving parts, is ideally suited to protect these highly stressed components.

This collaboration between DECO and Accurate Repetition produced functional, long-lasting finished products, so much so that they have a lifetime warranty on every Go Fast Bits valve that they make.

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