Case Study: Ceramic Coated Light Saber Hilts


Project Brief: Tough, attractive, customised coating for the handle/hilt of working replica light saber.
Industry: Recreational
Organisation: Sons of Obiwan Saber Academy
Finish: Cerakote

The Sons of Obiwan Saber Academy is a ground-breaking test bed for using Star Wars based theatre combat to teach Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to adults and children with special needs. They build realistic, working replica light sabers as seen in the Star Wars films, with an array of customisation options. Their personalised Saberdyne Industries sabers are used for up to 40 hours per week in their training facility (lovingly known as the Temple) at Tuggerah and on tours around Australia, providing a fun, relatable way for people to engage with therapy sessions and improve their mental health.

Sons of Obiwan sought a finish that would take constant abuse, including drops onto concrete from heights of up to five metres, without damaging either the appearance or functionality of the light sabers. This led them to realise they needed a military grade finish.

The team turned to DECO, who have an excellent record of providing military grade finishes and quality-controlled protective coatings. DECO are accredited applicators of Cerakote, a thin-film finish popular among military and sporting industries alike for its ability to provide extremely tough, long-lasting protection without compromising the functionality of moving parts. Cerakote is also available in a vast variety of colours, offering customisation for a personalised touch for each of their customers.

DECO provided efficient and effective finishing services. The finishes on Sons of Obiwan's original Cerakoted sabers are still going strong after four years, and even the great Chuck Norris wields a saber proudly coated by DECO!

Click here to find out more about Sons of Obiwan Saber Academy.

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