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Ceramic coatings are tough, attractive, lubricious thin-film coatings that are highly resistant to wear and damage from external factors, and ideal for protecting weapons, sporting equipment and a variety of other products. Ceramic polymer coatings can be applied to more substances than any other finish,and are compatible with metals, plastics, polymers and wood.

DECO specialises in Cerakote finishes, and is an accredited Cerakote applicator, one of only a handful in the entire country. Cerakote is the world-class leader in thin-film ceramic coating with the highest level of hardness, abrasion resistance and lubricity of any ceramic coating. This is accomplished through the development of an advanced resin technology to create a tougher, thinner application.

  • Abrasion resistant: resistant to scratches and dents
  • Corrosion resistant: an excellent rust protection for guns and other parts exposed to extreme conditions
  • Direct and indirect impact resistant: will not be scratched or dented easily even if the product is dropped or hit with direct force
  • Clean: attracts less particles of dust and dirt than many other coatings
  • Thin coating: does not expand the size of the product, meaning it will not affect the functioning of firearms
  • Versatile: bonds to almost any material, not just metal
  • Chemical-resistant: can stand up to mild acids
  • Australian: DECO is entirely Australian owned and operated

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Frequently Asked Questions

What colour ceramic coatings do you offer?

DECO stock military colours for Cerakote finishings to support MilSpec specifications: these are Matt Black, Olive Drab and Dark Earth. Ceramic coatings can come in an extremely wide variety of colours; for other colours contact us to order in colours from SLR Brisbane's range.

What can be ceramic coated?

In addition to defence force weapons and vehicles, ceramic coatings such as Cerakote are extremely versatile and can be applied to a vast range of other products including valves, golf clubs, motorcycle parts, engines, thermal flasks, sporting and athletic equipment and any other application requiring a thin but durable finish.

Are ceramic coatings corrosion resistant?

Ceramic coatings such as Cerakote are highly chemical resistant as well as corrosion resistant.

Are ceramic coatings food safe?

Studies on this are inconclusive at present. If in doubt, apply a different coating to products which may come into direct contact with food such as our food-safe, non-stick Teflon/PTFE coatings, click here.

Can you apply Cerakote/a ceramic polymer coating to my gun or weapon?

While we do coat guns and weaponry here at DECO, guns and weapons must be provided to us in parts only. We are not licensed to have a fully-constructed gun on our premises.

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