Ceramic Coating Applications


As one of Australia's few accredited Cerakote applicators, DECO are able to coat almost any material, no matter how tough the specs or how high the finish quality you are looking for. We have an exhaustive list of military projects we have completed to satisfaction, as well as civilian jobs, and can coat your weapon parts or other components in rapid time if they are needed urgently.

Defence and Military Applications

Ceramic coatings are extremely effective for military applications such as weapon parts, helmets and machine bodies, due to their durability and resistance to direct impact, abrasion and corrosion. Although Cerakote is a tough coating, it is also thin, meaning it will not affect the thickness of your weapon and therefore not impact its ability to function. DECO stock a MIL SPEC colour range specifically for defence work.

Sporting Applications

Ceramic Coatings are a popular coating option to increase the durability of sporting equipment such as golf clubs, snowboards, dumbbells and protective gear such as goggles. Due to their large colour range, they are also a great option for personalising your favourite pieces of sporting equipment with different colours, logos and patterns.

Thermal Flask Applications

Cerakote is an increasingly popular finish for thermal flasks and portable metal coffee cups, due to its large colour range, which can make personalisation options limitless.

Automotive Applications

Ceramic coatings can be used in a range of automotive applications, from body parts to custom car wheel hubcaps. It can also be used to increase the durability of engine parts including dirt bike engines and pipes.

Knife and Blade Applications

As it is corrosion resistant and offers a wide colour range, Cerakote is often used to protect and personalise the blades or handles of switchblades, pocket knives and other blades.

Personal Use Applications

Its wide colour range and customisability, with the added benefit of scratch and rust protection, makes Cerakote the perfect coating for almost any personal or decorative item, including phone cases, pet collar tags, eyewear and more.

Architectural Applications

As a thin but durable coating, Cerakote makes an excellent attractive finish for hardwearing architectural parts, such as door handles.

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