Ceramic Coating Technical Information


Cerakote application process

Cerakote can be applied to almost any product. For metal products, we recommend sandblasting prior to coating, to make sure the coat adheres effectively to the product. See more about our abrasive blasting services here. Firearms must be disassembled prior to blasting and coating.

  • First, it is beneficial for your part to be cleaned, either chemically or by abrasive blasting
  • The product is racked
  • A single coat of the ceramic coating is wet sprayed onto the part or product using a spray gun
  • The part is oven baked to cure the coating

MIL SPEC Ceramic Coating

MIL SPEC is a military standard developed in the US and used by defence and non-defence organisations all over the world. It ensures products meet certain requirements to be used for defence purposes and objectives.

DECO is committed to supporting all your MILSPEC applications and keep a range of military colours in stock to suit defence force jobs. Cerakote is a MIL SPEC grade finish suitable for defence force weapons.

Quality Testing, Standards and Compliance

All DECO Industrial products are tested in our Quality Testing lab.

Cerakote Accredited Applicator

Cerakote's official Australian representatives have certified DECO as an accredited Cerakote applicator. We are one of only a handful of accredited Cerakote suppliers in Australia.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification

DECO are currently undergoing the certification process to attain accreditation for this standard, which will ensure we are minimising our processes' negative impact on the environment and complying with environmental laws in Australia.

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