E-Coating Services in Sydney, Melbourne and Australia wide

DECO Industrial is the only large scale e-coating plant north of Melbourne, with access to a worldwide e-coating knowledge base.

Both a finish and a pre-treatment option, E-coating (also known as cathode dip painting (CDP), electrophoretic coating (EDP), electropainting, electrociating or, Kathodische Tauch Lackierung (KTL),) uniformly coats parts in seconds with an organic, paintlike coating. Coat bulk orders quickly and efficiently with an environmentally friendly option with a wide colour range. E-coat your products as a top-coat finish, or as an undercoat before anodising or powdercoating. A wide range of coating possibilities are available to help you achieve the right aesthetic, including different pre-treatment options, and different colour and gloss options.

DECO uses a special UV Stable Black E-Coat: a high-performance anodic acrylic electrodeposition coating for a clear, high-gloss coating with exceptional image quality.

  • Corrosion-resistant: correctly-treated products can withstand 1000 hours of salt spray testing
  • UV-stable: resistant to sun exposure
  • Chemical, wear and abrasion resistant: Stock black e-coat products have good chemical and abrasion resistance, high performance hardness and solvent rub properties
  • Multiple Applications: suitable for car, mining equipment, switchgears, door handles, locks and other hardware, piping and more
  • Pre-treatment options: use as an effective pre-treatment or as a protective finish
  • Overpaintability: e-coats can be painted over without affecting them
  • Flexible: multiple-part or bent part components can be coated; can coat even small recesses
  • Australian: DECO is Australian owned and operated

Surcharges apply for special exterior clear coatings. Contact us for a personalised quote.

Please note: e-coating requires special racking and large volume production runs and is therefore not suitable for all tasks. DECO Australia will provide you with specifications or service requirements before your job is processed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What lengths of material can I e-coat?

DECO can e-coat parts up to 900mm x 450mm.

What colour and gloss level options are available?

DECO standard colouring for e-coating is semi-gloss black RAL 9005. Other colours are available on request. DECO e-coating is available in a range of gloss levels from clear or wet look to matt films. E-coatings can also be painted over.

What is the usual thickness of DECO e-coating?

DECO e-coating thickness usually ranges from 5 –25 microns, subject to end use.

Is DECO e-coating conductive?

As it is an organic, paint-like coating, e-coating is non-conductive. For parts that are used in electrical applications, some areas of the part can be masked to prevent coating.

Is e-coating chemical and corrosion resistant?

Standard black e-coatings have excellent corrosion, chemical and solvent resistance. E-coatings are also resistant to substances such as brake fluid, fuels and alkalines.

Is e-coating approved for food contact?

No. For a food contact-approved coating for your products, read more about our Teflon coating here.

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