E-Coating Applications


While e-coating has long been used by automotive companies to eliminate rust from car bodies, it is a versatile coating that can benefit a wide range of industrial applications. An e-coat can also be combined with a powder coat to give a unique combination of the protection and recess covering of the e-coat with the colour and flexibility of powder coating.

Automotive Applications

E-coating is used throughout the automotive industry today to eliminate rusting in cars and other vehicles. The electric current running through e-coating prevents corrosion. As e-coatings can be painted over, they make excellent coatings for car bodies, allowing customisable colours and paintwork over the top.

Mining Applications

E-coating is an effective coating in harsh mining environments, as it can significantly decrease wear and corrosion in metal components and drastically increase their lifespan. Mining components can have their lifespans increased from weeks to months or years, as they are more resistant to the elements and to corrosion and deterioration over time.

Electrical and Electronic Applications

E-coating increases the ability of electrical switchgear to function effectively in severe operating environments. As it is a non-conductor of electricity, e-coating is an excellent choice of coating for electrical appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators. Specialised coil coatings are available from DECO for air conditioning coils. Contact us for more information.

Hardware Applications

E-coating is low-maintenance and has a high resistance to corrosion, making it an effective coating for hardware components such as door hardware, hinges and lock parts.

Fitness Equipment Applications

E-coating can be an effective, attractive and durable coating for weights, kettle bells and more.

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