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Unique to DECO Australia, DecoUltra ZD is the ultimate series of hard anodised finishes for protection and performance. Featuring premium Zero Degree hard anodising technology, DecoUltra ZD offers superior longevity and durability for your parts.

For extra longevity and durability, hard anodising or hard coat anodising is a tough and thick coat finish ideal for aluminium applications where high wear resistance is required. As with regular anodising, hard anodising converts the base metal itself into a protective oxide, making it scratch and chip resistant. Hard anodising is suitable for uses such as tough engineering applications, high-speed machine parts, and cookware and aerospace applications.

DecoUltra ZD is DECO's extremely durable, high-quality series of hard anodised finishes. This hardwearing finish series utilises premium Zero Degree hard anodising technology to produce a tough coating that outperforms other forms of anodising in Australia. We offer two standard ZD hard anodising thicknesses, as well as custom specifications:

  • DecoUltra ZD: 30 microns (suitable for hardwearing applications that may require tighter fits or moving parts)
  • DecoUltra ZD+: 50 microns (suitable for extreme hardwearing applications such as engine or weapon parts)
  • DecoUltra ZD Custom: Up to 100 microns (choose your preferred micron thickness to meet project specifications)

For our DecoUltra AD anodised series, click here.

DecoUltra ZD Features

  • Excellent Wear Resistance: one of the most hard-wearing coatings available
  • Abrasion Resistant: suitable for high-speed machine parts such as printing presses and conveyors
  • Non-stick: suitable for cookware applications and other non-adhesive requirements
  • Non-chip: the coating becomes part of the metal itself, and cannot chip or blister
  • Corrosion-resistant: subject to thickness and sealing process
  • Chemical-resistant: can stand up to mild acids
  • Australian made: DECO is entirely Australian owned and operated

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Frequently Asked Questions

How hard and thick is DecoUltra ZD hard anodising?

Using our exclusive low-temperature anodising technology, DecoUltra offers high micron thicknesses for ultimate/superior protection, Our DecoUltra ZD hard anodising series is offered in two standard thicknesses:

DecoUltra ZD: 30 microns (suitable for hardwearing applications that may require tighter fits or moving parts)

DecoUltra ZD+: 50 microns (suitable for extreme hardwearing applications such as engine or weapon parts).

Need a different micron thickness? Contact us to discuss your project specification and requirements.
DecoUltra ZD series finishes are available up to 100 microns.
For thinner coatings, DecoUltra is also available in a series of anodised finishes: DecoUltra AD. To find out more about thicknesses available in this range, click here.

DecoUltra ZD is able to achieve a surface hardness of up to 600HN (approximately 70 Rockwell C).

What lengths of material can DecoUltra ZD hard anodising be applied to?

DecoUltra ZD finishes can be applied to products up to 2800mm long, 800mm high and 350mm wide.

Can my DecoUltra ZD hard anodised products be coloured?

DecoUltra ZD and ZD+ finishes are available in clear (‘standard’) hard anodising, which produces a charcoal grey colour, and in black. Please note, the alloy composition of your aluminium product will influence the final colour. ‘Clear’ hard anodising finishes are commonly dark grey, yellowish-brown or black.

Our DecoUltra AD anodising offers a wider colour selection.

Can DecoUltra ZD finishes be applied to aluminium alloys?

All aluminium alloys will anodise differently depending on their composition. Different alloy compositions may cause the ZD hard anodised finish to vary in colour and effect. DECO recommends 6000 series alloys for the best effect when hard anodising, however other alloys can be anodised depending on the application of the finished product. Contact us to discuss your alloy choice and project requirements.

Is DecoUltra ZD hard anodising chemically resistant?

Hard coat anodising protects aluminium from mild acids, but they can still be attacked by alkali such as lime mortars and cement.

Is DecoUltra ZD hard anodising heat resistant?

Our DecoUltra ZD and ZD+ finishes are heat resistant up to 600C (the melting point of aluminium). However, after temperatures of 150c, the finish may expand at a different rate to the aluminium beneath, resulting in hairline cracks (crazing) in the finish, which can affect corrosion resistance.

Is DecoUltra ZD hard anodising scratch resistant?

Hard anodised aluminium is extremely abrasion resistant, which means it stands up well against scratches from steel cooking utensils, scrapes when used in high-speed machinery and other scratches and forms of wear. Bear in mind that this protective coating is very hard and glass-like, making it relatively inflexible. This means it could crack or craze when bent under high pressure.

What is the conductivity of DecoUltra ZD hard anodising?

Hard anodised components are non-conductors of electricity and have excellent electrical insulation characteristics. That said, be aware that if using your hard anodised components as part of an electrical circuit, you must make provisions for masking the component, to prevent coating or removal of the coating post-processing.

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