DecoUltra ZD Hard Anodising Applications

Because of its thick, durable nature, DecoUltra ZD hard anodising is an excellent protective coating for components used in harsh conditions, such as electric charges, high fire danger, moisture and salt spray. Hard anodising is becoming a popular coating in a wide range of industries seeking an effective heat, corrosion and abrasion resistant finish.

Aerospace Applications

Because of their excellent longevity, electrical insulation characteristics, dry lubrication and wear resistance, DecoUltra ZD hard anodising works well on aircraft parts.

Machinery Applications

Hard anodised parts are useful in high-speed machine parts such as printing presses and conveyors, due to their abrasion resistance.

Firefighting Applications

As DecoUltra ZD hard anodising is heat resistant up to high temperatures, hard anodised aluminium is a good option for metal fire fighting components.

Military Applications

Due to its exceptional wear and corrosion resistance and ability to stand up to extreme conditions, DecoUltra ZD hard anodising ensures reliability and consistency in military equipment. DecoUltra ZD finishes are also compliant with MIL-A-8625F Type III.

Automotive Applications

DecoUltra ZD hard anodised finishes have a high resistance to abrasion which makes them ideal for high-speed moving parts such as pistons or valves in turbo-charged engines.

Food Processing Applications

In addition to being corrosion and wear resistant, DecoUltra ZD Ultra finishes are also non-stick, scratch-resistant and non-toxic, making them a popular finish for commercial cookware including baking trays and tins.

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