Hard Anodising Colours


Due to the thickness of the hard anodic coating, it is difficult to apply dyes in the same way to hard anodised aluminium as they can be applied to standard anodised products. However, a handful of different colours can be achieved by: 

  • Changing the microns of the anodised part: Hard anodic coatings can range from charcoal grey to black depending on the thickness of the coating

  • Using different alloying ingredients: the alloy ingredients within your aluminium components can affect the final colour of the hard anodised product. Hard anodic films could be either grey or yellowish-brown depending on the components of the alloy used.

Standard anodic coatings are far more receptive to dyeing, and we have a limited range of coloured dyes available (more colours available for small orders only). To find out more, click here.

Hard Coat Anodising Colour Range


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