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A common, versatile and durable finish, powder coating is an excellent option for all types of metal components, from car and bike wheels to fencing panels and light poles. Because it is electrostatically applied, it effectively covers the whole of your component, and provides a tougher coat than other typical painting methods. DECO specialise in polyster and polyurethene powder coating, and offer extensive colour selections through our leading powder partners. Products can also be coated in epoxy or PTFE powders.

  • Polyester & Polyurethane, Epoxy or PTFE: choose the right powder for your project
  • Colour Selection: wide range of colours from leading powder suppliers
  • Large profiles: Extruded and non-extruded profiles can be coated
  • Corrosion, impact and scratch resistant: providing a highly durable surface
  • Water resistant: subject to coating thickness and powder type
  • All-purpose applications: suitable for a wide range of applications including metal furniture, shelving, automotive components, light fittings, architectural applications, automotive parts and more

For a specialised protective coating that can be melted and reset, read more about thermoplastic coating here.
DECO Architectural also offers superior powder coated and sublimated timber, concrete and marble finishes for aluminum building and architectural products. For more information on our decorative finishes, click here.

DECO also offers a wide range of pre-treatment options for your metal components prior to powder coating, for improved performance. These include chrome-free pre-treatment, e-coating, zinc flake, zinc plating and anodising. Pre-treatments can also include degreasing, passivating and etching.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only powder coat aluminium?

DECO offers powder coating for a range of materials. Besides aluminium, we can also powder coat black steel, zinc plated steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel and alloy wheels.

What lengths of material can I powder coat?

DECO can powder coat profiles up to 7200mm long by 1400mm high by 900mm wide on our fully automated line. Our hanging batch line, which is made up of 5 flight bars across a rolling carriage, can hang larger jobs for coating. Each flight bar can hold products weighing up to 200kg.

For steel products, our hanging batch line can powder coat products up to 8000mm long by 1800mm high. Some parts can be hung corner to corner to allow up to 2400mm wide to be powder coated. For aluminium products on our batch line, we can hang parts 7500mm long by 1400mm high.

What powder coat colour options are available?

DECO works with Australia’s leading powder suppliers including Dulux and Interpon to offer a wide range of powder coat colour options. We also offer a choice between textured, matt, satin and gloss finishes. See our colour page for more options.

How thick is DECO powder coating?

Our powder coating is generally around 60 – 100 microns, in accordance with AS3715 and AS4506.

Does powder coating rub off?

As powder coating is baked onto the surface of your product, not stuck on, it cannot rub off.

Does DECO powder coating contain lead?

DECO powder coating uses only high-quality powders which contain no lead or lead products.

What standards does DECO powder coating follow?

There are long-established Australian standards for powder coating on both steel and aluminium products. DECO tests powder coated industrial products to AS/NZS 4506 and architectural products to AS 3715.. DECO Industrial is following in DECO Architectural’s footsteps when it comes to quality, complying to Qualicoat standards. Qualicoat is an international accreditation system for quality assurance in powder coating which tests durability in extreme conditions. DECO Industrial is currently in the process of becoming Qualicoat accredited.

Is DECO powder coating corrosion-resistant?

Corrosion resistance is subject to the type of pre-treatment and undercoats the part has undergone. With special undercoats, it is possible to exceed 1000 hours’ exposure to salt spray testing.
All our Super Durable powders have been tested in an extreme exposure site in Florida for 3 years, and can withstand 2000 hours under the acidic salt spray test.

Is DECO powder coating chemically resistant?

This depends on the type of coating. Epoxy and polyurethane based powders result in excellent chemical resistance.

Will my powder coating be even across the component?

Due to the nature of the process, your product may end up with a thicker coating around the edges and reduced thickness in recesses. However, DECO controls as much of the coating process as possible to ensure consistency. We are also able to mask sections or recesses you do not wish to be coated.

Dulux Accredited Powder Coater

DECO is proud to be a Dulux Accredited Powder Coater. This means we meet Dulux's criteria as a business who meet stringent quality conditions and international standards in the application of Powder Coatings. Dulux is Australia's most trusted paint and powder brand, and being a Dulux Accredited Powder Coater means DECO are using quality powders, applied through a quality-controlled process.

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