Powder Coating Applications


Powder coating is a versatile metal coating suitable for a wide range of applications and a large variety of metal components. Its vast scope and popularity make it the 'workhorse' of the finishing industry. Powder coating can be used for both internal and external applications. Below are just some of the ways powder coating can be used.

Architectural Applications

Powder coated metals are excellent for architectural applications because of their durability and ability to withstand rough weather conditions. Powder coating finishes are also graffiti-resistant making them excellent for commercial buildings or architectural applications in public spaces. DECO offers warrantied powder coating services for architectural applications such as awnings, window and door parts, and shutters.

Machinery Applications

Powder coating adds value to machine parts and improves corrosion protection and the cosmetic appearance of machine parts. DECO can powder coat large machine parts for custom made machines, or smaller fabricated parts such as pressed metal panels, cabinets and trays.

Public Infrastructure Applications

Powder coating public infrastructure parts such as freeway barrier posts can give them added protection from corrosion and wear. Powder coating is excellent for withstanding extreme weather conditions in outdoor settings and therefore will expand the lifespan of metal components such as posts.

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