Powder Coating Technical Information


The powder coating process

Powder coating is an electrostatic coating method that utilises fine powder to create a protective coating.

  • First, pre-treatment is generally applied to the surface of the product to prepare it for powder coating, either through abrasive blasting or chemical pre-treatments such as zinc coating
  • Free-flowing dry powder (usually polyurethane, polyester, epoxy or PTFE) is applied to the surface of the metal using high voltage electrostatic guns.
  • These guns impart a static charge within the powder, allowing it to stick to the components, which are earthed
  • The part is then baked at 200 degrees Celsius, where the powder film melts and cures, forming a paint 'skin' on the product.

Unlike conventional liquid paint finishes, powder coating results in no wastage of material. Any powder that does not stick to the product can be relaimed and reused.

DECO Australia uses Dulux Rapidcure powder in its powder coating applications. This powder is completely lead-free. We are also working towards becoming Qualicoat approved and accredited for our powder coating's durability and resistance to extreme conditions.

Types of powder coating

  • Polyester: Due to its low cure temperature, polyester is more suited to sensitive materials. It is highly flexible with good impact and chemical resistance
  • Polyurethane: An excellent powder for a smooth finish, durability and corrosion resistance, popular for use on agricultural equipment, fuel tanks, air conditioning units and more.
  • Epoxy: A durable powder with excellent hardness and chemical resistance that applies well to metals.
  • PTFE (Polytretrafluoroethylene): This powder is great for colour and gloss retention. The weather resistance of PTFE powders makes them popular in architectural applications

Powder coating surface textures and gloss levels

Our DECO powder coatings offer a variety of surface textures ranging from textured flat finishes to high gloss finishes. Powder coating allows for many different surface textures that cannot be achieved through other surface finishing methods. Different textures can be achieved using different powders. Specially textured finishes can be achieved with textured powder. A 'ripple' effect can also be achieved by mixing an additive with the powder before the product is coated. See examples of our different finish textures and gloss levels below.

Matt Finish

Satin Finish

Glossy Finish

Textured Finish

Quality Testing, Standards and Compliance

All our powder coated products are tested in our Quality Testing lab to make sure they conform to Australian Standards.

AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015

DECO Industrial complies with AS/NSZ ISO 9001:2008 for provision of metal finishing services including Powder Coating. This means we meet consumer and stakeholder needs and comply with Australian regulations and statutory requirements.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification

DECO Industrial is currently in the process of attaining ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification, which lists us as complying with Australian environmental laws and regulations, and proves our processes have minimal negative impact on the environment.

AS/NZS 4506

DECO powder coating is also compliant with AS/NZS 4506 (Metal Finishing - Thermoset Powder Coatings) which includes a minimum thickness of 60 microns for durability and is tested to Australian conditions including salt spray.

Dulux Accredited Powder Coater

DECO is a Dulux accredited powder coater. This means we meet Dulux requirements for quality and process control, and international standards in the application of Powder Coatings.

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