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Quality finishes to meet your project requirements

Add long-lasting protection to your machined parts with DECO's high-quality protective coating services. DECO's expertly-applied finishes can add corrosion protection, abrasion resistance, heat resistance and more to your fabricated components, creating a durable product offering for your customer base.

DECO's expert finishing services offer maximum protection and performance for metal components for a variety of industries, including:

    • automotive
    • engineering
    • defence
    • aerospace
    • food processing
    • machinery and equipment manufacturing
    • and more

    DECO offers a range of finishing options, including:

    DecoUltra™ ZD Hard Anodising: increase the corrosion and wear resistance with one of the toughest, hardest finishes in existence. DecoUltra™ ZD offers a coating of unrivalled durability for the most hardwearing of applications. Find out more.

    Powder Coating: DECO's Qualicoat-compliant powder coating services stand out from the pack as a truly high-quality and long-lasting option. With Dulux and Interpon accreditations, a wide range of powders available and the capability to sublimate images into powder coated finishes, DECO offers protection, image retention and more. Find out more.

    Specialty Finishing: From friction-resistant Teflon coating to tough, thin-film high-temperature Ceramic Coating, DECO offers a range of specialty finishes to meet the unique requirements of your customers or specifications.

    Pre-Treatment: pre-treating your components is essential to ensure optimal protection and coating adhesion. DECO offers a range of chemical and mechanical pre-treatment services.

    DECO also offers a quick turnaround part refurbishment service, stripping off old coatings and applying fresh ones to reduce machine downtime.
    With an expert team ready to discuss your project requirements, we will help you find the most suitable coating to meet your needs, or the needs of your end customer.

    Why Choose DECO's Protective Coating Services?

    • Fast turnaround times: Instead of waiting weeks to order in new parts from overseas, DECO can turn your products around and restore them to new in 5-10 business days. This means you can have your machines back up and running as quickly as possible, or you can swap equipment in and out to ensure they run continuously with no downtime.
    • Improved Performance: DECO's protective coatings can give your parts and equipment longer life and extra durability, saving you on maintenance, refurbishment or replacement costs in the future.
    • Food Safe: DECO's Teflon® and DecoUltra™ anodised finishes are safe for food contact applications.
    • Quality: DECO is ISO 9001 accredited, has its own in-house testing facility and uses quality products including Dupont/Chemours brand Teflon® coatings, ensuring we always provide the utmost quality finishes to our customers.
    • Local and Australian-owned: An Australian-owned family business located in South-West Sydney, DECO is dedicated to providing reliable service Australia-wide.
    • Fast turnaround times: DECO can turn your products around in 5-10 business days, to ensure your customers receive them promptly and can run their machines with minimal downtime.
    • Quality Testing: with a high level of dedication to quality, DECO tests all its finishes and processes onsite to a variety of Australian and international standards, including Qualicoat and MIL SPEC. DECO's entire business is also ISO 9001 accredited.
    • Custom Solutions: DECO's team are ready and willing to discuss your project requirements and help find a solution to your specific needs.
    • Local and Australian owned: An Australian-owned family business located in South-West Sydney, DECO is dedicated to providing reliable service Australia-wide.

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