Teflon Coating Applications


Although Teflon is most well-known as a non-stick cookware coating, it can be applied to a wide range of products from a range of industries, some of which are listed below.

Non-Stick Cookware

Non-stick cookware applications are the best known use of Teflon/PTFE coatings. Teflon is an excellent cookware coating because of its non-stick properties, hydrophobic or water-repellent qualities and its non-toxicity. Its UV and heat resistance also makes it excellent for withstanding the heat of the stovetop or oven.

Valve Components

Due to their high heat and chemical resistance, Teflon coatings help valves operate smoothly, preventing them from overheating, corrosion or from being attacked by chemicals. The non-stick qualities allow substances to pass through valves easily. Teflon has a high resistance to climate meaning valves can operate even in extreme conditions without being negatively affected.

Low Friction Coatings

Machinery subject to unwanted build-ups of paint, glue or other substances can benefit from a Teflon coating, which reduces friction due to its non-stick properties. This makes Teflon an excellent coating for production line processes such as chutes and packaging machinery.

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