Thermoplastic Coating Applications


Thermoplastic coatings, are sturdy, durable and ductile, and can therefore be used as both protective and decorative coatings on a wide range of products across a wide range of industries.

Shopping Trolley Applications

One of the most common applications of thermoplastic coatings, shopping trolleys can be coated with a tough thermoplastic giving them UV, chemical and impact resistance.

Playground and Street Furniture Applications

Thermoplastic coatings such as Plascoat PPA 571 can withstand demanding weather conditions, making them excellent protective coatings for bus shelters, waste bins, lamp posts, bike racks and children's play equipment. The anti-graffiti properties also make thermoplastic coatings suitable for public areas where graffiti may be prevalent.

Construction and Building Applications

Their excellent corrosion resistance means thermoplastic coatings such as Plascoat PPA 571 provide good protection for aluminium and steel structures, increasing their longevity and reducing their need for maintenance.

Signage and Road Applications

Thermoplastic coatings can provide a reliable and attractive coating for all manner of signs. They can especially be beneficial for traffic and road signs, as they are reflective, increasing readability at night, and can allow business signs to remain up in all kinds of weather conditions without wearing. Aside from road signs, thermoplastic coatings can also be beneficial for road signs and markings such as lane markings and lines, as they are reflective and increase visibility at night, and withstand frequent road wear.

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