Wet Blasting Applications


As a shiny and attractive finish, wet blasting is an excellent finish for a variety of applications requiring a satin appearance. As wet blasting efficiently deburs metal objects, it is also commonly applied to equipment which requires all sharp edges to be removed.

Pre-treatment Applications

Wet abrasive blasting removes rust and contaminants from the surface of a metal component, effectively preparing it for protective coating and extending its lifespan once the coating is added. It is therefore applied to a variety of metal components prior to powder coating and e-coating.

Medical Applications

Owing to its ability to debur metal objects and remove sharp edges, as well as create glossy finishes, wet blasting is often applied to medical grade implants as well as components for medical and surgical devices, such as trays for sleep apnoea machines and parts of MRI scanners.

Pharmaceutical Applications

Due to strict industry regulations regarding cleaning and removal of sharp edges, components used in pharmaceutical processes such as trays and moulds greatly benefit from the wet blasting process. Wet blasting is also effective at cleaning machines in the pharmaceutical industry, as it is able to reach corners and difficult crevices.

Cookware Applications

Its shiny, satin appearance makes wet blasting a popular finishing choice for cookware such as saucepans, pots and frying pans. As wet blasting is nontoxic and approved for food applications it is perfect for applying to products that come into contact with food on a regular basis. It can also clean pans with a buildup of grease, grime or dirt, making them appear new again.

Automotive Applications

Wet blasting degreases automotive parts effectively, cleaning them and keeping them aesthetically attractive and shiny for longer. Vapour honing can be applied to parts such as engines, gearboxes and carburettors

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