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Zinc coating is perfect either as a finish on its own, or as a pre-treatment undercoat before powder coating, e-coating or painting your metal parts to give them added corrosion resistance. The zinc acts as a 'sacrificial coating' which galvanises and forms a barrier, protecting the metal underneath from moisture, corrosion and deterioration. Zinc coatings can play an important role in preventing the corrosion of steel or iron parts.

There are three main zinc coating processes:

  • zinc flake coating
  • zinc electroplating
  • zinc phosphate coating

Each of these processes bonds to your metal parts to form an attractive, effective corrosion-resistant coating. DECO specialises in zinc flake coating, however we can outsource zinc electroplating projects on request.

  • Corrosion-resistant: makes an excellent undercoat for powder coating, e-coating or paint to increase corrosion resistance
  • Electrically Conductive: topcoats can affect this
  • A soft, metallic coating
  • Chemically resistant: limited resistance to acids improved with topcoat; better acid resistance than hot dip galvanising; chemical resistance can be enhanced with additional topcoat
  • Semi-gloss metallic coatings

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Frequently Asked Questions

What lengths of material can I zinc coat?

Subject to which application method you choose, DECO can zinc coat large metal components.

What zinc coating colour options are available?

In standard form, zinc coatings are typically silver or yellow-gold (yellow chromate seal). However, colours can be altered by adding a tinted top coat.

How thick and hard are DECO zinc coatings?

This depends on the zinc coating method. Usually zinc coatings range in thickness from 5 to 30 µm. DECO zinc flake coatings are typically between 5 and 8 microns thick to ensure a smooth, crack-free finish.

Are zinc coatings wear resistant?

Zinc coatings are a thin and soft coating with limited wear resistance.

What gloss levels are available?

Our zinc coatings are for industrial use and therefore are usually semi-gloss metallic.

Are zinc coatings corrosion and chemically resistant?

Zinc coatings tend to have very good corrosion resistance and this is one of their main functions. While most galvanised zinc coatings have only limited resistance to acids, they can perform better under acid conditions than hot dip galvanising, and their chemical resistance can be increased with the addition of a topcoat.

Are zinc coatings approved for food contact?

Zinc coatings are not approved for food contact.

Are zinc coatings electrically conductive?

Zinc coatings are electrically conductive, however this may be affected if a topcoat is added.

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