Zinc Coating Applications


As they can be used either as a pretreatment before coating or painting, or as a finish in their own right, zinc coatings have a wide range of applications through a broad spectrum of industries including automotive, mechanical, defence and more.

Mechanical Applications

Zinc flake coatings are excellent for increasing the durability and wear resistance of small parts such as screws, springs, clips and bolts.

Wind Energy Applications

Zinc flake coatings are excellent in reducing corrosion in wind turbine and windmill components such as stamping parts, injection castings, brakes and chassis components, as well as smaller parts such as bolts and rivets.

Automotive Applications

To increase friction resistance, corrosion resistance and ability to withstand extreme temperatures, zinc flake coating is a popular choice for automotive components, particularly for fasteners and bolts.

Military Applications

Firearm components can be coated with zinc phosphate before painting or applying another coating to improve corrosion resistance.

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