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Here at DECO, we are committed to bringing you only quality products that are up to code. DECO has an unrivalled capability when it comes to quality management and testing for surface treatment and coatings.

DECO has a fully-equipped chemical, environmental and physical testing laboratory on-site, and is the only surface finisher in Australia with in-house testing equipment for neutral salt spray, acidic salt spray and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC).

ISO 9001

DECO is certified compliant with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 by DNV-GL, for the provision of metal finishing services such as Powder Coating, Anodising, Hard Anodising, Electroplating, E-Coating, Chromate Conversions, Slurry Peening and Mechanical Finishing, certifying that they meet consumer needs and statutory requirements.


All DECO's standard operating procedures are MIL SPEC compliant. MIL SPEC is a US military specification that has been adopted worldwide, which ensures products meet requirements for defence objectives.

DECO products and procedures comply with the following aspects of MIL SPEC:

Anodising process control: MIL-A-8625F, type 2 (sulfuric acid anodising) and type 3 (hard coat anodising).
Aluminium Alloy Conversion Coating: MIL DTL-5541F

We ensure all of our anodised products meet requirements for coating thickness, weight and abrasion resistance, and pass spot dye and corrosion resistance tests.

Qualicoat and Qualideco

Qualicoat is the international standard for powder coating of aluminium for architectural applications.

All DecoWood and DecoArt products achieve a Qualicoat Class 2, meaning they are Super Durable, pass a 3-year extreme exposure test in Florida, and 2000 hours of acidic salt spray testing.

Deco sublimation processes as applied to DecoWood and DecoArt comply with Qualideco, an international standard for the transfer of images to coated substrates using sublimation technology.

In-house testing

DECO tests in-house to the following standards:

  • Anodising: MIL A 8625F
  • Anodising spot sealing test: ISO 2143:2010
  • Aluminium conversion coating: MIL DTL 5531F
  • Coating thickness: ASTM B137/ISP 2360
  • Corrosion: Neutral salt spray test: ASTM B117
  • Corrosion: Acetic acid salt spray test: ISO 9227
  • Dry adhesion test: ISO 2409
  • Gloss measurement: ISO 2813
  • Cupping test: ISO 1520
  • Bending test: ISO 1519
  • Impact Test: ISO 6272-2 / ASTM D 2794

NATA-Accredited Testing Lab

DECO has achieved NATA accreditation for our independent testing body, DECO Testing Pty Ltd. Our globally-accredited testing spans five material performance and corrosion tests.

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