White Papers

A Specifier's Guide: The Hidden Cost of Cladding and Façades

Industry members must no longer look at cost as one-dimensional, but as a broad label that encompasses economic, environmental and aesthetic considerations.

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Fire-safe cladding: Building a culture of compliance

With recent recommendations by a Federal Government Senate Inquiry to place an immediate ban on non-confirming cladding products, our industry is now under pressure to ensure the cladding products specified and used are compliant.

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Thinking Long Term: Evaluating Decking Materials

To assist in choosing the ideal decking materials for your project, DECO has prepared a free report evaluating the different popular materials on offer.

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The Ultimate Finish: A Comprehensive Guide to Anodising and Its Benefits

Anodising is a versatile and hardwearing finish for every industry. DECO's comprehensive guide outlines the types of anodising and its benefits for your project specifications.

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Inspiration and Guides

Home Renovation Booklet

Now is the time to build! If you have been considering renovating your home or building a new one, why not take advantage of the Government's new HomeBuilder Grant? Find the inspiration here.

Hospitality & Retail Design Inspiration

DECO's exceptional range of high-quality products are ideal for any hospitality or retail project. Find inspiration here!

Product Care Guide

This product care guide outlines the recommended cleaning guidelines and schedule to maintain your DecoWood's appearance and ensure its warranty.

Performance Summaries

AS4040.3 Methods of Testing sheet roof and wall cladding Method 3: Resistance to Cyclonic Wind Pressures. Download the summary report here.

DecoDeck Performance Summary

According to the assessed performance the DecoDeck system can be safely installed into all types of applications when used with the appropriate support structure.

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