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To assist and educate industry members, DECO has prepared a range of free reports in conjunction with Architecture & Design. If you would like more information on a specific topic, please send us an enquiry.

A Specifier's Guide: The Hidden Cost of Cladding and Fa├žades

Industry members must no longer look at cost as one-dimensional, but as a broad label that encompasses economic, environmental and aesthetic considerations.

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Fire-safe cladding: Building a culture of compliance

With recent recommendations by a Federal Government Senate Inquiry to place an immediate ban on non-confirming cladding products, our industry is now under pressure to ensure the cladding products specified and used are compliant.

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Thinking Long Term: Evaluating Decking Materials

To assist in choosing the ideal decking materials for your project, DECO has prepared a free report evaluating the different popular materials on offer.

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