QUALICOAT is known as the leading quality label for aluminium coatings, guaranteeing quality assurance, accredited applicators and a label you can trust. Seeing the QUALICOAT logo means you can rely on your powder coater to provide a quality finish you can rely on for years to come.

DECO Australia is proud to be a licensed Qualicoat and Qualicoat Seaside applicator.


QUALICOAT is an international specification for the architectural powder coating of aluminium. Originally a European specification, it is now adopted worldwide. The QUALICOAT organisation is an independent, not-for-profit organisation, with the sole purpose of helping achieve the best possible quality of coatings for aluminium.

The QUALICOAT specification audits and verifies an applicator's entire powder coating process, including the pre-treatment, powders used and finished products, to ensure quality coatings are delivered, and tests to a large number of international specifications.


QUALICOAT Seaside is in addition to their standard Qualicoat applicator certification, ensuring the highest quality architectural powder coating for use in seaside and coastal environments where aluminium products are exposed to more severe conditions like saltwater and high humidity.

The Qualicoat Seaside licence requires additional steps to the already rigorous Qualicoat Process Specification, including different pre-treatment requirements and additional testing to the 18 standard tests already required as part of the standard Qualicoat licence. These additional steps are critical in providing additional corrosion resistance for seaside applications.

Why Choose a QUALICOAT Accredited Applicator?

Choosing a licensed QUALICOAT applicator ensures you are choosing a high-quality and quality-controlled process, designed to produce durable, attractive coatings. QUALICOAT accreditation gives you assurance that the powder coatings you are receiving are of the highest quality, and peace of mind that all coatings have been applied in line with both Australian and international standards.

Internationally Recognised Accreditation

A QUALICOAT licence is not just recognised by Australia and Europe, but is known worldwide as a symbol of high quality coatings. QUALICOAT is the only comprehensive process specification for powder coating aluminium in the world and its label is recognised by powder coating experts globally.

Third Party Inspection

To retain a QUALICOAT licence, applicators will undergo two audits a year, undertaken by an independent third-party auditor. These audits are unannounced, so the auditor is able to assess the applicator's processes as they operate in the day-to-day, and ensure they are producing consistently high-standard powder coatings at all times. During the audits, test panels are coated in front of the auditor, then sent to a QUALICOAT lab for further testing by QUALICOAT themselves to ensure they are up to standard.

Complete Process Control

QUALICOAT accreditation assures quality for every job. While other standards, such as AAMA, conduct limited testing on finished products, QUALICOAT assesses not only the final product but every aspect of the coating process from start to finish, to reduce the risk of errors or noncompliance. The pre-treatment, powders and process are all assessed and verified according to international standards.

In-House Quality Systems

QUALICOAT does not just assess an applicator's process, but also their quality control registers, process control and Quality Management Systems, to ensure they are up-to-date and regularly inspected. This ensures quality in production not just at the time of audit, but for every job that is processed.

Rigorous Testing of Coatings

QUALICOAT accredited applicators undergo thorough testing of their coatings and coating processes to ensure optimal durability, weatherability and gloss retention, as well as corrosion resistance, coating adhesion and UV resistance. Powders used must be approved by QUALICOAT, and in Australia they must be at least a QUALICOAT Class 1.5 to withstand Australian conditions, including harsh sunlight and salt spray.

Australian and International Standards

QUALICOAT testing ensures coatings are compliant with a variety of standards surrounding weathering, coating adhesion and gloss value.

What Standards does QUALICOAT test to?

QUALICOAT tests to a range of quality standards recognised in Australia and globally as markers of how well powder coatings are applied, and how well they perform. Some of these standards include:

  • AS 3715: Metal Finishing - Thermoset Powder Coating for Architectural Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys
  • ISO 2810: Natural Weathering Test
  • ISO 2813: Paints and Varnishes - Determination of Gloss Value at 20 degrees, 60 degrees and 85 degrees.
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